Aristocrat Curtains

Tracks & Pelmets


Simplicity or convenience? We have a variety of manual and motorised tracks to suit your needs and lifestyle. Single track rails are intended for one curtain and will perform admirably. If you’re looking for fine-grained control of light and sound in your environment, consider a triple track rail system and multiple curtain layers.

We have a comprehensive range of wall and ceiling brackets to ensure you the perfect fit and smooth operation of your tracks.


Pelmets add a touch of elegance to your room. They complement your curtains or blinds and hide brackets, tracks and fixtures. You can customise the colour to match or contrast with your decor. Decorative edging is also available to further make the look your own.

Pelmets aren’t simply an aesthetic choice. In summer, they block light and heat that would otherwise leak over the top of your blinds or curtains. They also provide an insulation barrier that retains heat in winter.