Aristocrat Curtains


It’s hard to understate the impact curtains can have on a room. Whether they’re framing a marvellous view or billowing in the breeze, there’s something essential about them. That’s why we specialise in finding the right curtains for both you and your space.

Not sure what you’re looking for?

You can choose from sheer or blockout curtains. Sheer curtains diffuse sunlight, giving your room an ephemeral feel while still providing natural light. Blockout curtains completely eliminate the sun, letting you cool the house or enjoy a movie without glare. They are often partnered with our pelmets to prevent light leaking over the top. If you choose a multi-track rail system you can combine both sheer and blockout for true flexibility.

Customisation doesn’t stop there. For a classic look, eyelet curtains with a brass or silver pole would make a striking addition to your living room. If you’re after a more contemporary style, consider the quiet elegance of S Fold curtains. Pleated might appeal to the more free-spirited with less regimented folds and an almost carefree appearance.

Lining improve the durability of your curtains and provide insulation benefits. They also provide an opportunity to make a bold statement with contrasting colours.

Residential or commercial, we’re proud to provide free make and installation on all our custom curtains. Reach out for a quote today!